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Our Free Ranging, Grass Fed Cattle

  • Our cattle started from hearty Herefords shipped in from Texas by rail car over 60 years ago. Over the years they have been crossed with other beef breeds to take advantage of crossbreed vigor.

  • Our calves are born on our farm and not purchased elsewhere.

  • Early weaning of calves is not practiced. When calves are weaned early, they must be given grain to replace the nutrition in milk. Also the cows will have less calving difficulty with future calves.

  • Our cattle are natural, organic and raised without growth hormones, medicated feed, steroids, antibiotics or any other drug. We do not use insecticides or commercial fertilizers. Note: Feeding low-level antibiotics is used for lower cost weight gain. There is concern that antibiotic feeding practice is conducive to bacteria developing antibiotic resistance. In the future, these antibiotics may not be effective for legitimate infections in animals or humans.

  • Our Michigan cattle are grass fed (also known as grassfed or grass-fed) and not grain fed.

  • Our cattle are raised in a semi-wild state and have free range on five different pastures: 149, 95, 79, 60 and 38 acres (see photo above). Since the cattle eat right and get exercise the beef can be expected to be leaner and tougher. Cooking is very important. Click here for printable grass fed meat cooking tips.
  • Our cattle are not confined in muddy feedlots or crowded barns. The cattle live more like their wild ancestors. This nearly eliminates the chance of e-coli problems and mad cow disease. The risk of e-coli is far greater when a high grain diet changes the PH of a steer's stomach system. Mad cow disease is spread when meat by-products are added to a steers feed. Feeding of most meat by-products has now been banned.

Locally Processed

We choose not to use conglomerate meat processing facilities. Our steers are processed at a local, independently owned USDA-inspected meat cutter and we therefore have the ability to have the meat cut to your specifications. To learn more about why grass fed products are even better than organic click here. Article: Why grass fed is Better Than Organic, Jo Robinson.



photo of front porch at Michigan grass fed beef farmGrass Fed Beef is High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Michigan Grass Fed Beef

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